Bodo von Hodenberg

Bodo von Hodenberg

Sales, marketing and product development for publishers

Concepts for direct marketing

Strategic sales for publisher´s remainders

„Can you imagine, to work here“, I was asked by the friendly bookseller who frequently received half of my wage during my academic studies in Munich. I assume that was the moment when I became addicted to dealing with books - more than twenty years ago. 


Working for Texxt in Munich and Dussmann in Berlin I have learned the fundamentals of bookselling and the skills I still rely on: Leading Teams and finding the right products for the right audience. After this experience I decided to change sides and was hired by TASCHEN to represent the publishing House in Germany. The occupation as a Director for Sales and Marketing shaped my aesthetic and entrepreneurial outlook. 


Leaving TASCHEN was only an option for starting my own business which involved another Fetish besides books: I founded the shoe label MEDINASTAR and started manufacuring shoes in Marocco. Soon after, however, I started missing the books and equipped our booth on the fairs with books. The Brand was born and was meant to become a Mecca for photobook friends years after. The publishing house Verlag für bildschöne Bücher followed and published seventeen photo and art books winning a number of prizes. 


When Frölich & Kaufmann, the largest mail order company for books in Europe, asked me to join them as their Head of Buying, I was thrilled immediately. During my ten years with the company we achieved a substantial growth, started publishing our own books and implemented many sucessful products for the sophisticated and academic clientel. My favourite project was the creation of a new brand with manufactured goods and objects of art: Cultous.


In 2019, I founded a new business: Our agency combines product and book development for newspapers and special markets with consulting sales and marketing for both manufacturers and retailers. If you wish to receive more information, please contact me here. 

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